Rep.-Elect Alan Grayson Ejected From Wal-Mart For Union Agitating On Thanksgiving

Florida lawmaker Alan Grayson is nothing if not unique. After serving a single term in Congress, Grayson lost his bid for reelection in 2010 after calling a female lobbyist a “K Street whore,” saying the Republican party’s health care plan was for people to “die quickly” and grossly misrepresenting a quote by his 2010 opponent in order to cast him as a member of the “Taliban.” After two years in the wilderness, the voters of the Sunshine State have seen fit to send Grayson back to Congress after he won his bid for a House seat in Florida’s redrawn 9th district. If you think Grayson’s time away from Washington has imposed a measure of moderation on the candidate, you would be mistaken. Congressman-elect Grayson’s antics seem unlikely to abate. On Thanksgiving night, Grayson was ejected from a local Florida Wal-Mart for agitating for unionization of the retail chain’s employees.

According to a report in Watchdog Wire, Grayson was advocating for Wal-Mart employees to join in a boycott of the store during Black Friday. Several Union-backed groups, including OUR Wal-Mart and Making Change at Wal-Mart, had advocated for the chain’s employees to stay home on Black Friday.

Despite national attention, Wal-Mart estimates that the walkout promoted by organized labor organizations resulted in approximately 50 of it’s 1.3 million associates walking off the job nationwide.

h/t The Washington Times

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