Rush Limbaugh Agrees With Mika Brzezinski: She Should ‘Feel Like An Alien’

Earlier today, Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski admitted that she “felt like an alien watching” a crowd chanting at Texas Governor Rick Perry “Run, Rick, Run!” Such a strange, and potentially regrettable, statement did not go unnoticed by Rush Limbaugh who today responded why she should feel like an alien.

Rush, speaking on behalf of conservatives, humorously suggested what he feels like when he has to listen to her or to President Obama:

“We feel like she’s from another planet when we listen to her. We feel like Obama – from another star system when we listen to him. Listening to Obama – it feels like Darth Vader has taken over in real life.”

Rush was excited by Perry’s speech and agitated that the “message from the elites” is to compare Perry to President George W. Bush, and to suggest that voters don’t want another candidate from Texas. Instead, anyone who can make Mika feel like an alien seems to be icing on Rush’s cake. Yet if Rush can get angry with the media unfairly comparing someone to Bush, it seems some might be justified getting equally upset with his comparison of Obama to the most evil villain of all time?

Listen to the clip below from The Rush Limbaugh Show:

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