So People Are Sexting Their Doctors Now

DoctorSmilingTextPeople are sexting their doctors now, according to a report in The Guardian, and it’s predictably opening up a host of legal and ethical considerations.

One reproductive health physician described the sensation of receiving a photo of a penis from his patient thusly: “it was shock, and a weird way, awe,” and chalked it up, laughing, to “young people being comfortable just showing a picture.”

The Guardian reports:

[M]edical ethicists expressed concern about the practice, because of the risk it could pose for doctors who treat people under the age of 18, arguing that because it is a form of telemedicine, it should only be practiced on a secure network, where it is protected under the federal health privacy information act, HIPAA. Concerns were also raised about the severe legal consequences that could arise for doctors, if the images could be construed as child abuse images.

Sexting: Not just for getting out the vote!

[h/t The Guardian]

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