Trump Adds Fox’s Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters To Twitter Follows


President Donald Trump follows a very select number of accounts on Twitter — just 45 to be exact. On Thursday, however, he added two Fox News personalities to the exclusive list.

The President’s move comes as Fox is undergoing a major upheaval with Bill O’Reilly‘s firing, and now Carlson’s program moves to the 8 pm Eastern slot. Watters is joining The Five program, which moves from 5 pm Eastern to 9 pm Eastern.

The President hasn’t yet re-Tweeted any posts from Carlson or Watters since following them on Thursday. However, during the same time period, he re-Tweeted three posts from the Fox and Friends account about the New York Times coverage of the New England Patriots’ visit to the White House, Chicago’s new pro-illegal immigrant policies, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s praise of the Trump administration’s foreign policy.

It is no secret that President Trump’s Twitter page is near and dear to his heart, and his hands. It is also clear which network the President tends to watch, and now follow, these days as well.

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