Trump Ally Roger Stone Says Reports of Campaign Turmoil Are ‘100% False’

roger-stone-e1459202288292Trump ally Roger Stone told Alex Jones that reports of the turmoil plaguing the Republican nominee’s campaign were “100% false,” and reiterated Trump’s claims that Democrats were very likely to steal the election.

Stone affirmed on Jones’ InfoWars show Thursday afternoon that the media had trumped up reports in order to stifle Trump’s fundraising efforts and to “sow confusion in the ranks of [his] supporters.”

Among the reports that Stone decried as “100% false” were stories that Trump’s campaign staff was “suicidal” with unrest, that top Republicans were planning to stage an “intervention” to set the candidate straight, and that Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort was “phoning it in.”

Jones, also a staunch Trump supporter, averred that the polls showing Trump behind were false (echoing claims made by Trump), and repeatedly encouraged listeners to purchase a “Clinton rape” shirt.

Stone predicted that all the supposedly erroneous reportage would result in a “backlash of sympathy” for Trump.

He further accused the DNC of pulling what he described as a “Khan job,” by giving a platform to Khizr Khan, a man who was “an advocate for Sharia law” and believed that Sharia law took preeminence over the U.S. Constitution, Stone alleged.

Both men agreed that the Democrats were planning to rig the election, an allegation Trump has made also.

Sam Reisman (@thericeman) is a staff editor at Mediaite.

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