Wisconsin Elected Official Tells Laura Ingraham About Threat From Colleague

On Laura Ingraham‘s radio show, Wisconsin State Representative Republican Michelle Litjens discussed the threat she received from her Democratic colleague Representative Gordon Hintz, where he told her she was “f—ing dead” after her vote supporting Governor Walker’s budget plan. Hintz has already apologized for what he described as an “outburst” and Litjens has accepted the apology.

Ingraham and Litjens continued the conversation, and were amazed by the disrespectful behavior of some protesters. Litjens then even took the opportunity to scold all of her Democratic colleagues:

“The Democrats are screaming that we need to be civil towards each other, yet the Democrats, at least in our chamber, haven’t shown that example at all. They’ve been throwing fits on a regular basis looking like a group of toddlers throwing a temper tantrum.”

Furthermore, in response to President Obama’s plea that public employees not be vilified, Litjens claims Obama “has no idea what is going on in our state right now.” With emotions running high on all sides of the issue and with threats and insults being hurled in every direction, it’s unclear who or what will be able to respectful tone to Wisconsin legislative proceedings.

Listen to the clip below from The Laura Ingraham Show:

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