Former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson Says He Thinks Public Favors Gun Control Now: ‘This Time It Might Be Different’

Former Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson told Meet the Press that he believes gun control will pass when Congress reconvenes this month, saying it feels “different” this time.

“To me it feels like this time it might be different,” Johnson said. “my sense is that public opinion and congressional opinion are moving in the direction of doing some things consistent with the Second Amendment.”

“This is a uniquely American problem and it requires a national solution. Particularly now that we’re back in an election cycle, Republicans it seems to me are going to want to be able to be in a position to say they have done something on this,” he continued.

Johnson, a former President Barack Obama Cabinet official, spoke with NBC News’ Chuck Todd and his panel Sunday about the recent mass shooting in Texas and potential motion on gun legislation.

NBC News contributor Danielle Pletka offered a more fatalistic takeaway.

“I think that actually the opposite of what you suggest is happening. I think that the more we see this, the more casualties there are, the more gun violence there is, the more numb people are and the less response we’re going to get.,” she said. “To me it’s like terrorism … people get used to it.”

Watch above, via NBC News/WESH-TV.

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