Bill Maher Goes Off on ‘State TV’ Fox News: ‘The Typical Fox Viewer Is Now President’

After talking about how President Trump has taken over the GOP, Bill Maher also said that Fox News has morphed into “state TV” under this president.

He said Fox News viewers didn’t hear the Jeff Flake speech because it’s not what Fox wanted them to hear. Betsy Woodruff correctly noted that Fox showed the Flake speech live, but Maher said they did a hell of a job downplaying it online.

National Review‘s David French acknowledged that Sean Hannity is a Trump propagandist but defended other notable Fox faces like Bret Baier and Dana Perino.

Woodruff, meanwhile, pointed to Lou Dobbs, one of the most pro-Trump people in the entire Fox News family, who opened his interview with Trump by telling him how amazing his administration has been so far. She said Trump actually calls Dobbs after his show sometimes.

“Fox gives him his agenda! The typical Fox viewer,” Maher said, “is now President. An old white guy with anger issues… and so their anecdotal, false, racist view of the country is his view. And they know they have this viewership of one person. That’s all they have to please.”

Watch above, via HBO.

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