Chris Cuomo Rips Trump on Immigration Policy: ‘If This President Had His Way, People Like Me Wouldn’t Be Here’


CNN’s Chris CUomo tonight closed his show by saying the election is “a contest for the soul of our country,” blasting President Donald Trump‘s “new harshness” on immigration.

“He’s more than just wrong in the head,” Cuomo said, “he’s really wrong in the heart. America’s always represented respect for law, but not at the cost of our humanity, not by doing what Trump wants to do to the needy.”

Cuomo brought up reporting today from NPR on the Trump administration ending protection for migrants’ medical care and blasted the “heartlessness.”

“It is personal to me, it should be to you as well,” Cuomo said.

He elaborated in talking with Don Lemon, talking about his own family

“They were people with nowhere else to go. They ran away from poor places, they came here with nothing except everything that was in their head and their heart that was desperate for a chance. And they did all the stupid jobs and they did everything that they could, and they were desperate, and there was hardship… And it is personal to me. If this president had his way, people like me wouldn’t be here. And I know that’s gonna get a good guffaw from a lot of people in his base, but this ‘us and them’ stuff is toxic.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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