CNN’s Smerconish: Looks Like Alex Jones’ Words Are ‘Finally Catching Up With Him’


CNN’s Michael Smerconish teed off on Alex Jones after the video deposition of the conspiracy theorist went up online yesterday.

Jones claims in the video––during a deposition in the defamation lawsuit against him––that a form of “psychosis” is to blame for why he believed the Sandy Hook massacre was staged.

Smerconish was bewildered by Jones trying to call his comments “punditry,” pointing out how victims and families are still dealing with their grief.

“These media provocateurs likes Jones,” he said, “they know that passion sells. That’s what this is all about. They need people to pay attention to them. And the best way to do that is to be shocking. Many times with disregard of decency.”

As for Jones in particular, Smerconish said his persona confirms that a lot of what the “men with microphones” say is “total BS” in the name of pushing an agenda.

“They are far more interested in lining their own pockets and getting people to pay attention to their websites and their AM talk radio programs and their cable TV shows,” he added. “With the eight lawsuits that he’s now facing, it may be a sign that his words are finally catching up with him.”

You can watch above, via CNN.

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