Daily Show’s Kristen Schaal Feels Bad for ‘Feminizing’ Brit Hume’s Culture

On Thursday night’s edition of The Daily Show, Senior Women’s Issues Correspondent Kristen Schaal joined Jon Stewart to discuss what Fox News’ Brit Hume recently described as the “feminized atmosphere” that makes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and other “old-fashioned tough guys” look like bullies. Schaal “apologized” for the recent success women have had in the fields of politics and business, saying, “We just didn’t realize how hard our success would be on men.”

After playing the clip of Hume’s remark, Schaal continued expressing her sympathies. “That is so tragic,” she said. “Poor incredibly manly, muscular man’s man Brit Hume. It was not our intention to feminize the atmosphere by coming in with our cut flowers and scented computers and our breast milk fax machines.”

From there, Schaal and Stewart engaged in an elaborate role-playing game, in which she played a sexist male boss and Stewart played a woman seeking a job. “I never knew how thrilling it is to have all that power to abuse,” Schaal said when they had exhausted the scenario. But before they were done, Schaal showed Stewart how much crueler harassment from a woman can be.

Watch video below, via Comedy Central:

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