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Fox & Friends Continues Investigation Into Pres. Obama’s Tampa Bow

Today was day two of Fox & Friends‘ investigation into what the hell our President is doing bowing to everybody, including the Mayor of Tampa, Florida recently.

They had Mayor Pam Iorio on this morning, who didn’t feel like playing along.

Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade interviewed Mayor Iorio about the “bowing brouhaha.” “What do you think was the reason he bowed like that?” asked Doocy:

Iorio: Well it’s hard for me to believe that this is such a major issue.
Doocy: It’s just such a striking photograph.
Iorio: It is an unusual photograph, but I just have to tell you and I I wish people could all meet President Obama face-to-face, he is a kind and sincere and gracious individual.

Later in the segment, after getting asked again about Pres. Obama’s bow, Iorio said she thought it was “not something that deserves the kind of analysis going on…but I can talk about high-speed rail if you like.”

So they talked about trains. And the mystery of the bow continues! We may need an O’Reilly Factor ambush to solve this one.

Here’s the interview:

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