Fox Psychiatrist Keith Ablow On Health Care Ruling: ‘It Absolutely Infantilizes Americans’

Fox News’ resident mental health expert Dr. Keith Ablow fears that the psychological development of the American people is in peril, thanks to the work of Chief Justice John Roberts. Ablow told Megyn Kelly today that he considered the health care mandate a danger to the development of Americans, as it “infantilizes” them and, more generally, “leads to nowhere but mediocrity and the rise of despots.”

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“It’s been called a tax,” he explained, “but it is earmarking the money you take home.” When that happens, Ablow argued that “you don’t really know whether any of your money is really yours” and takes away the idea that one day people “are in charge of their own money.” “It deposits us back as children,” he explained. He also warned that those who supported the plan would be led to outrageous behavior, the “tens of million of adult children of Barack Obama deprived of their direction and their monies.”

He adds to that the notion that President Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism, that instead he is hoping that America becomes more like European nations. He believes, Ablow concludes, that our “individual impulse must be tempered by a central authority which leads to nowhere but mediocrity and the rise of despots.”

The segment via Fox News below:

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