Hilarious Entertainment Tonight Clip Shows Bill O’Reilly Preparing To Cameo On Rizzoli & Isles

Earlier, we were all pretty jazzed to see a clip of Greg Gutfeld cameoing on Louie. This next video, however, may be even better. It’s a clip from Entertainment Tonight which shows Bill O’Reilly preparing to do his own acting; playing himself on the hit show Rizzoli & Isles.

We know little about the episode in which he is appearing, but we are hoping that O’Reilly gets involved in some dangerous caper that requires the expertise of both a detective in high heels and a detective who doesn’t wear high heels (guys, I apologize, I know absolutely nothing about this show except it’s about mismatched detectives and has a huge lesbian following). In the clip, he explains the challenge he’s undertaken.

“I’m used to just me and one pinhead guest and I’m just pounding that person, but now I’ve got to be listening to the nuance of the lines.”

One could make joke about Bill O’Reilly finally having to actually listen to the people to whom he’s talking, but we are above that.

In truth, the whole clip is endlessly amusing and not just because it’s the typically standard celebrity gossip show banter. But the fact that it starts with O’Reilly talking serious issues and saying how he’s the only one who can fix the economy and then cuts directly to him acting in a TNT detective show. Awesome.

Watch the clip from Entertainment Tonight below:

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