Jeanine Pirro Has Some Advice for Nancy Pelosi: ‘Knock It the Hell Off’ and Follow Trump’s Lead

Fox News’ Jeanine Pirro used her open to rip apart President Donald Trump‘s foe du jour, Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and offer the Speaker some unsolicited advice.

This week, Pelosi said that Trump needed an intervention, part of an escalating battle of words between the speaker and the president.

In response, Pirro spent her opening statement painting Pelosi as the crazy one and defending Trump’s comments  casting doubt on Pelosi’s mental fitness.

At one point, the Fox News host said that Trump is not putting kerosene on the fire, Democrats are.

She further insisted: “He does not need an intervention, Nancy, you need the intervention.”

Pirro then suggested Trump was right.

“I have been watching her for a long period of time, she’s not the same person,” Trump says in the clip she played as evidence. “She’s lost it.”

Then speaking directly to Pelosi she said this: “Nancy, you have not recovered from the 2016 election and it’s driving you batty.”

Pirro finally offered Pelosi some advice.

“Bottom line, Nancy, the man is doing what we elected him to do while you haven’t done a damn thing as you seethe in the hatred and vitriol and your obsession to get YOUR truth,” Pirro opined. “Nancy, you already got the truth and Nancy, you can’t handle the truth. So just knock it the hell off, follow his lead and start doing the job  you were elected to do.”

Watch above, via Fox News

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