Joe Scarborough: ‘Both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton Knew Jeffrey Epstein Very Well’


Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough put recent news about Jeffrey Epstein’s past sex-trafficking charges in bipartisan relief Tuesday morning when he pointed out how powerful men from “both sides” had a close relationship with the sex offender.

After Morning Joe regular Steve Rattner explained how Epstein suddenly entered the New York social scene of the super-wealthy without any clear explanation of how he gained such wealth, Scarborough put the Epstein allegations in the context of how the potential political scandal that seems almost imminent to erupt could effect both parties.

“What’s so fascinating is I remember hearing people all around the set in 2015 talk about people’s connections on both sides with Jeffrey Epstein,” Scarborough opened, adding “this was not even a hidden secret. I said it several times on the air, in 2016, that both Donald Trump and Bill Clinton knew Jeffrey Epstein very well. And a lot of powerful people in New York knew him very well and they all knew these stories. Every one of them. And had all known it for a very long time.”

Former President Bill Clinton released a statement on Monday in which he claimed no knowledge of Epstein’s alleged criminal behavior, while President Trump has not yet commented on the current state of Epstein’s affairs.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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