Larry King’s Tea Party Discussion Predictably, Entertainingly Leads To Meltdown

Will the Tea Party movement help or hurt the GOP in the coming midterm elections? This was the discussion on Larry King Live last night, particularly in light of the a Tea Party billboard that recently showed up in Iowa that likened President Obama to Vladimir Lenin and Adolph Hitler. Predictably, the discussion was less of an enlightening exchange of ideas, but rather a maddeningly — and entertaining — meltdown of soundbite accusations and jabs between two obstinate sides in the debate.

Larry King had on as guests from the right the conservative columnist and former Presidential speechwriter Ben Stein, as well as co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party and talk radio host Dana Loesch. Representing the left were talk radio host Stephanie Miller, and Nancy Giles, a social commentator and performer.

The following video clip is an interesting microcosm of the debate currently being had about the place of the Tea Party movement in the current political landscape, and almost serves as a “greatest hits” of controversy and accusation — charges of racism, guns and whether or not “teabagger” is a derogatory term are all in here. It’s almost like its 2009!

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