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O’Reilly: Obama Putting Us in ‘Grave Danger’ by Not Saying ‘Radical Islam’

Bill O’Reilly tonight said that by not showing a willingness to say “radical Islam” in public, President Obama and those who agree with him are putting the U.S. in “grave danger.” O’Reilly claimed to know exactly why no one in the Obama administration will use that phrase in reference to the Paris attack or other acts of terrorism.

He cited recent comments by WaPo columnist David Ignatius about how the real change is going to come from within Islam, not through military might or government pressure. O’Reilly said this “naive and somewhat frightening” assessment is precisely what Obama thinks.

O’Reilly charged that for years now, moderate Muslims have had many opportunities to take action against radical Islam, but “there is not an organized effort to combat it in the Muslim world.”

And, O’Reilly added, Obama, Ignatius, and everyone on their side is “putting the rest of us in grave danger” by refusing to acknowledge the problem.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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