Trump Grudgingly Signs Huge Budget Bill: ‘I Will Never Sign Another Bill Like This Again’

So apparently, President Donald Trump‘s threat earlier today about not signing the new congressional budget was all for nothing.

In a news conference Friday afternoon, the president stated that even though he has a number of complaints about the newest omnibus package, he has decided to give it his reluctant approval and keep the government open.

“There are a lot of things that I’m unhappy about in this bill. There are a lot of things we shouldn’t have had in this bill but we were, in a sense, forced if we want to build our military, we were forced to have. There are some things we should have in the bill. But I say to Congress, I will never sign another bill like this again. I’m not going to do it again. Nobody read it. It’s only hours old.”

Trump continued to lament that he was “forced” to sign the bill to keep the government functioning, taking shots at Democrats for supposedly abandoning DACA dreamers and obstructing budget negotiations. He also took the opportunity to reiterate his view that the senate should get rid of the filibuster rule.

Watch above, via CNN.

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