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Fox & Friends Conducts Hilarious Interview With Pot-Smoking House Candidate: ‘If You Win, Will You Get High?’

The gang over at Fox & Friends had a bit of a laugh this morning, conducting an interview with a pro-marijuana candidate running for a congressional seat in Illinois. Just how pro-pot is Benjamin Thomas Wolf? An ad for his candidacy actually shows him puffing from a joint, a fact that Steve Doocy and company found highly amusing.

Wolf, however, is not your average pothead. The former FBI investigator has quite the resume, despite his propensity for proudly smoking fat doobs in officially sanctioned political ads.

“I think it’s important that we actually start talking about legalizing cannabis,” he said, by way of an explanation for his ad. “This is medicine for tens of millions of people in America. It can bring billions of dollars of tax revenue to Illinois and, really, it’s the first component to overhauling and transitioning the criminal justice system.”

Doocy chimed in, asking if he smoked cannabis every single day, to which the candidate replied that he does not. As a matter of fact, thanks to his career with the FBI, Wolf hadn’t even smoked marijuana until a “couple of years ago.”

Brian Kilmeade ended the segment by lobbing the kind of question only he could manage, “If you win, will you get high?”

Wolf’s response? “Definitely,” as the hosts laughed.

The special election for the seat Wolf looks to win is on March 20.

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