WATCH: Artist Paints a Picture of Eminem Using Spaghetti (Mom’s, We Assume)

Eminem‘s “Lose Yourself” has been making a major comeback lately. First, there were the “Mom’s Spaghetti” T-shirts, and now there’s this. Nathan Wyburn is an artist from the UK whose chosen medium is food. He uses it to make portraits of celebrities, and his latest project is Eminem.

He told First We Feast: “I work a lot with unusual materials and in some way relate them to the celebrity portrait. When choosing a material of Eminem I thought of one of his biggest hits, ‘Lose Yourself. People always talk about and have made meme’s about the “mom’s spaghetti” line for years and it just seemed so fitting. And I love that it looks so foody and good enough to eat.”


He’s also done Donald Trump in what else? Mexican food:


[H/T First We Feast]

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