Alex Jones Taunts ‘Giant Ferret’ Bill O’Reilly: ‘No Wonder He Can’t Get Women’

Alex Jones went after Bill O’Reilly‘s sexual history and looks on his radio show this week, saying O’Reilly looks like a “giant ferret,” and recalling O’Reilly’s 2004 case for sexual harassment.

The segment was in response to a montage the Factor had created of a screaming Jones juxtaposed with other varieties of what the show termed “hate speech.” (It’s not Jones’s first reaction to the montage.)

“Now O’Reilly, like something out of 1984, went past the deception of Maddow,” Jones said. “He does this incredibly deceptive piece, where he just flashes me up there ranting out of context, in between sexual hate speech, whatever that means. Like I’m doing sexual stuff, when he’s the guy who’s settled cases out of court.”

“I mean, look at what a perv this guy looks like,” Jones said. “No wonder he can’t get women.” Jones put up a semi-unflattering picture of O’Reilly. “If you were a woman, would you want to get anywhere near this guy? It’s like a giant ferret or something.”

O’Reilly was sued by a Factor producer in 2004 for sexual harassment, a saga during which we all learned more than we wanted to about O’Reilly’s sexual terminology (“that little loofah thing“).

Watch the whole segment here:

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