Ana Navarro: I’ll Vote for a ‘Potted Plant’ in 2020, But Not Elizabeth Warren


Few of President Donald Trump‘s scores of critics on cable news have been as staunch in their opposition as CNN commentator Ana Navarro. But as desperate as she might be to see Trump replaced, there’s one 2020 contender for whom she’d be very reluctant to cast a ballot.

Appearing on The Lead Thursday, Navarro voiced her deep opposition to the just-launched candidacy of Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

“As a Republican who cannot stand Trump — never supported him, never will — I am begging Democrats to please give me somebody that I can vote for,” Navarro said. “I’m ready to vote for a potted plant. I’m ready to vote for a hologram. I’m not sure I’m ready to vote for Elizabeth Warren.”

Navarro, referencing her fellow #NeverTrump conservative panelist Bill Kristol, pleaded with Democrats to give them a viable option to defeat Trump.

“I hope that Democrats think about themselves falling in love, and somebody that can get their juices flowing, and their love tank filled,” Navarro said. “But can also appeal to people like Bill Kristol and Ana Navarro — who really don’t want to vote for a hologram. We’d rather vote for somebody that’s got a pulse and a brain.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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