Biden Accuser Lucy Flores Rips Ex-VP For Joking About Controversy: ‘It’s Clear’ He ‘Hasn’t Reflected at All’

Former Nevada lawmaker Lucy Flores is bashing Joe Biden for not being more introspective about the allegations she and others have brought forth about his behavior over the years.

“It’s clear Joe Biden hasn’t reflected at all on how his inappropriate and unsolicited touching made women feel uncomfortable,” Flores said on Twitter. “To make light of something as serious as consent degrades the conversation women everywhere are courageously trying to have.”

Flores was the first of several women who’ve spoken out in recent days to claim Biden was physically inappropriate with them. These allegations loom over Biden’s possible run for president in 2020, but some political observers are defending the ex-veep by noting his affectionate nature and questioning the seriousness of the accusations against him.

Biden addressed the allegations against him several times in the last few days, acknowledging those who feel wronged by him and saying he’ll be more mindful of personal space from now on. He cracked jokes about the controversy during a speech he gave today, and then told reporters “I’m sorry I didn’t understand more,” but “I’m not sorry for any of my intentions”

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