Biden Sides With Pelosi on Impeachment After Mueller Remarks, But Says ‘It May Be Unavoidable’ Down the Road

Joe Biden‘s campaign says they agree with Nancy Pelosi‘s hesitation on impeaching Donald Trump, but also that removing the president from office might be inevitable in light of Robert Mueller‘s latest remarks.

The special counsel said on Wednesday he was unable to effectively clear Trump for possible obstruction of justice, and the resulting political firestorm is prompting a lot of renewed impeachment calls from the president’s critics. Pelosi responded to the remarks by saying Congress is obligated to keep investigating Trump and holding him accountable, but she did not budge in terms of saying yes to impeachment right away.

The former Vice President’s team has responded to Mueller’s comments by accusing the Trump Administration of ignoring Russia’s election-meddling, and saying Congress must conduct its duties to oversight. As the statement condemns Trump for embarking on an “internal vendetta against law enforcement and intelligence community investigators,” it says Biden agrees with Pelosi that “no one would relish what would certainly be a divisive impeachment process.”

“But,” the statement continues, “it may be unavoidable if this administration continues on its path.”

[Photo via Spencer Platt/Getty Images]

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