Dixville Notch Splits Even, 5-5, For Romney And Obama

Dixville Notch, the small New Hampshire town that is most notable for its first-in-the-nation presidential vote on election day, has for the first time in history settled on a tie between the two major presidential candidates, Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. With a few exceptions, the Dixville Notch vote has accurately predicted the winner of the presidential election. Might this be a prediction of how insanely close the race will end up being?

The ten voters in Dixville Notch all gathered at midnight to cast their votes, and the result came down to a tie. Four years ago, 21 people voted in the small New Hampshire town and Obama walked away with a decisive win of 15. Dixville Notch’s vote has accurately predicted “the winner successfully seven out of the past 13 elections, dating back to 1960.”

However, Obama did much better in Hart’s Location, which also casts votes very early on election day, winning 23 out of 33 votes cast.


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