Earnest: ‘Chickensh*t’ Comments ‘Do Not Reflect’ White House View of Netanyahu

During today’s press briefing at the White House, an AP reporter asked what everyone was thinking in the wake of a damning Atlantic profile: “Is it appropriate for a senior administration official to refer to the Israeli Prime Minister as a ‘chicken’-dot, dot, dot, dot?”

“The fact is that comments like that do not reflect the administration’s view and we do believe that they are counterproductive,” said Press Secretary Josh Earnest, and launched into a long defense of the close ties between the White House and the Israeli Prime Minister.

According to Earnest, the President and Benjamin Netanyahu are so close; so very, very close: Bibi visited the White House! They get along great! “President Obama has spoken with Prime Minister Netanyahu more times than any other world leader”!

And, on the record, neither Earnest nor Obama know the identity of the mysterious official who spoke to the Atlantic and called Netanyahu a “chickenshit”, much less “recalcitrant, myopic, reactionary, obtuse, blustering, pompous, and ‘Aspergery.’”

(On a frivolous but Freudian side note, Earnest added that “as a general matter…my job often involves taken the product you just described and turning it into chicken salad.” That is both nauseating, and a massive metaphor for so many things involving this story.)

Watch below via C-SPAN:

[h/t National Journal]
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