FBN Guest Defends Trump’s Putin Presser: ‘Heaven Knows’ He’s ‘Not the Most Articulate Man’


Mornings With Maria host Maria Bartiromo may have jumped off the Trump train following the president’s widely-panned news conference with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on Monday. But some of her show’s guests are staying on board. And, in one case, the rationale for standing by the president is…um…let’s call it creative.

Tuesday morning on the Fox Business program, financial columnist Liz Peek twisted herself into a pretzel to stand behind President Donald Trump after Monday’s disastrous press conference. One of her arguments? The President of the United States can’t really explain himself too well.

“He’s not the most articulate man in the world — heaven knows,” Peek said. “He did not really make the case why we need any kind of partnership at all with Russia. And I think that was a grave issue.”

Heaven knows…

Peek closed out her odd defense of the president by saying, “I personally do not think that you come to a summit. with all the arrangements, all that’s at stake, walk out on a global stage, and call the other person a liar to his face. I think that would have been a ridiculous thing. And I was shocked that everybody expected him to do that.”

Watch above, via Fox Business.

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