Fox News: Online Store Did Not Pull Hoodie In Wake Of Trayvon Martin Controversy

On Friday, when Geraldo Rivera instigated Hoodie-Gate 2012 by alleging that an article of clothing was as complicit in the death of a young man as the guy holding the smoking gun, Rivera’s network rushing to remove similar clothing from their online store was a story too good to be true. Unsurprisingly, the mystery of the vanishing hoodie, first noticed by BuzzFeed, blew up and even got a mention on last night’s Colbert Report. However, like almost all stories that seem impossibly ridiculous,* this one appears to be just that.

*Except for the death of Til the Bunny. Still true. Still insane.

Mediaite reached out to Fox News who contacted the vendor in charge of their online store. Fox News then responded, explaining that the sweatshirt in question was discontinued in 2010, with the last one sold in December of 2011.

The Fox News’ spokeswoman went on to say: The vendor believes the item was cached or indexed by Google (or another search engine) that allowed the item or page to be viewed in an internet search. However, if the person ‘clicked’ or navigated to the item from the search engine, they would see that it no longer existed or was available.

So what have we learned from all of this? Well, basically that, if you happened to have bought a Fox News hoodie while it was available, now might be a good time to put that thing on eBay.

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