GOP Rep. Taylor Goes to Hilarious Lengths to Duck Cuomo Question on Background Checks

It’s been a busy morning over at CNN.

In yet another notable New Day segment, Chris Cuomo duked it out with Rep. Scott Taylor (R-VA) over gun control. Specifically, Cuomo pressed Taylor on the issue of universal background checks. Taylor opposes them. Cuomo wanted to know why.

“I’m not supportive of it,” Taylor said. “Because you disagree —

“Forget about me,” Cuomo said, interjecting. “Why don’t you like it?’

“I don’t agree with universal background checks,” Taylor said.

“Yeah, but why?” Cuomo asked again.

“If you support it, that’s fine,” Taylor replied.

The New Day anchor, at this point, was exasperated.

“I don’t support anything except you answering my question, my friend.”

Despite Cuomo’s grilling, the answer never came.

Watch above, via CNN.

[featured image via screengrab]


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