GOP Senate Candidate: Harry Reid ‘Runs Senate Like a Plantation’

GOP Senatorial candidate Bill Cassidy, who’s challenging incumbent Mary Landrieu (D-LA) in one of the most closely fought elections of the cycle, is hoping to score some points off Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), warning that reelecting Landrieu keeps Reid atop his leadership perch.

To that end, Cassidy said in an interview Tuesday that Reid “runs the Senate like a plantation.”

“So instead of the world’s greatest deliberative body, it is his personal, sort of, ‘It goes if I say it does, if not it stops,'” he told E&E Publishing. “Senator Landrieu’s first vote for him to be re-elected means that every other wish for a pro-oil and gas jobs bill is dead. Reid will never allow a pro-oil and gas jobs bill.”

Slavery references: always a winner.

[h/t E&E, Evan McMorris-Santos]
[Image via Bill Cassidy]

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