Helen Thomas Cries When She Learns Of President Obama’s Comments About Her

Former Dean of the White House Press Corps Helen Thomas is making news again after granting her first broadcast interview since her controversial retirement (she first broke her silence in a brief interview with Mediaite). While printed accounts of the 35-minute radio interview have focused on her inflammatory remarks, subsequent apology, and her opinions of flashpoint politicians Christine O’Donnell and Sarah Palin, they ignore a portion of the interview that packs an emotional wallop. Apparently learning of them for the first time, Helen reacts tearfully to a quote from President Obama.

Host Scott Spears informs Helen that the President called her remarks “offensive and out of line,” and a taken aback Helen asks “Through a spokesman?”

Spears responds that the President made the comment himself in a Today show interview. Here’s Helen’s gut-wrenching reaction:

Apparently, Helen was heretofore only aware of comments by White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs on the day of Helen’s retirement, which is where she gets the “reprehensible” reference from. Learning of the rebuke from the President himself obviously affected her deeply.

Here’s the President’s quote from that Today Show interview:

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