‘How Dare You!’ Beck Blames Dems for Hyping, Politicizing Ebola Fears

Plenty of Americans are worried about the spread of Ebola, and a new midterm ad from a progressive group really channels that fear in a new ad blaming Republicans calling for CDC cuts for recent Ebola deaths.

If you haven’t seen the rather stunning ad, titled “Republican Cuts Kill,” watch it here:

The Agenda Project put out this ad, and Glenn Beck used this as a jumping point to really lash out at the left for blaming Republicans for Ebola fear-mongering when they’re perfectly okay with ads like this.

Beck charged that the numbers being thrown out are misleading, and cited stats showing exactly how much of the CDC’s budget went towards infectious diseases. He repeatedly said, “How dare you!” and scolded this group for trying to “ratchet up the fear with something like that commercial!”

Watch the video below, via BlazeTV:

[image via screengrab]

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