John McCain Reacts to Palin On Today: ‘If You Live Long Enough, Anything Can Happen’

With the news that Sarah Palin will be hosting Today tomorrow in direct competition with Good Morning America guest host Katie Couric, many are revisiting their 2008 interview/battle. Senator John McCain, who had the best seat in the house to Palin’s national debut, commented on her return to daytime TV on WBAL radio today, saying it will be “interesting to see” and joking, “if you live long enough, anything can happen.”

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“I’m sure she’ll do just fine,” the senator said of his former running mate, reminding the audience that Couric’s interview, in his eyes, “really had a lot to do with the beginning of the effort to destroy Sarah Palin.” He noted that, although “I don’t like to revisit history,” Palin “did defeat Joe Biden in the debate… she beat him like a drum,” so he had high hopes for her on the program. The strangeness of her as morning host, right in Couric’s wheelhouse, didn’t escape him though: “if you live long enough, anything can happen.”

Listen to his comments below:

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