New Hillary Ad Blasts Trump for Friendly Connection to Alex Jones

Hillary Clinton‘s campaign arm has a new ad out, and it takes Donald Trump to task over his relationship with a notorious conspiracy theorist who has fueled some of his most controversial political talking points.

Alex Jones is the host of InfoWars. Whenever he’s not chatting with top Trump advisor Roger Stone, he’s typically using his radio show to dish out conspiracy pieces to attack Hillary Clinton, President Obama, and virtually everyone else he deems an evil, nasty, global elitist, all-around terrible human being.

As it happens, Trump once gave Jones an interview, where the mogul praised Jones for his “amazing” reputation. Clinton’s team took note of this, so they compiled a montage on Sunday of how many bizarre things Jones has said over the years:

In about a minute and a half, Clinton’s team points out how Jones called the Sandy Hook Massacre a “false flag,” said 9/11 was an inside job, and claimed that federal agents were responsible for the Oklahoma City Bombing.

It is possible that Jones will consider this payback for how he’s been advising Trump supporters to appear on TV and at Clinton campaign events, and shout “Bill Clinton is a rapist” for a cash reward.

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