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Obama Presser On Gun Control Devolves Into Fiscal Cliff Questions, Twitter Freaks Out

President Obama held a press conference Wednesday afternoon designed to discuss new gun control policy in the wake of the tragedy in Sandy Hook, Connecticut last week. After announcing a task force headed by Vice President Joe Biden and calling on the American people to help this move, the conference quickly devolved into reporter questions on the fiscal cliff. Many on Twitter immediately exploded with negative reactions.

Piers Morgan led the charge, asking immediately, “Sorry, is any White House journalist going to ask Obama about guns, rather than taxes????”

He continued with tweets slamming the press corps, saying, “Fact that America’s top political reporters think taxes are more important than guns says it all. Sadly.”

MSNBC contributor Ari Melber asked, “Is it odd that the first press questions at this potentially historic announcement about gun policy have not been about gun policy?”

Bill Press, liberal radio host and White House reporter, noted his disgust, saying, saying the reporters were ignoring “the real issue of the day: saving our kids!”

Mediaite’s own Tommy Christopher called the questions “ridiculous,” saying, “POTUS made three huge asks on gun control, and these idiots are asking #fiscalcliff questions that I could answer from a can.”

The press conference eventually got back on track, but not before the journalists were asked to get back on topic. White House reporters did ask about gun control legislation after several questions about the fiscal cliff, but not before sufficient Twitter outrage.

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