Om: AOL Huffington Post Media Group Presents An ‘Oasis’ In NYC

It’s Friday, poodles! And that means that most of us are but a few hours away from passing out in our own or a stranger’s bodily fluids enjoying a few serene, precious moments amidst our own personal whirlwinds of work, family and responsibilities. The weekend is an oasis, if you will, in our busy lives. Which is why today is the perfect time to reveal an exclusive glimpse at the AOL Huffington Post Media Group’s own “Oasis.” Located in the Dream Downtown hotel at 355 West 16th Street, the Oasis is open to the public as part of the annual NYC Wine & Food Festival. It offers visitors an opportunity to “unplug and recharge” as they enjoy activities and treatments like yoga, massage, reflexology and aromatherapy, in addition to myriad events focused on helping us bring more peace, balance and health to our daily lives.

The Huffington Post first created an Oasis at the Democratic National Convention in Denver in 2008, where it offered treatments and events enjoyed by the likes of host Charlie Rose, writer and media personality Joel Stein and The New York TimesDavid Carr.

The venue space is downright beautiful, and the AOL Huffington Post Media Group was kind enough to send us a few images to share with all of you. Check ’em out, below. And take a look at the Oasis’ offerings and schedule of events right over here.

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