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Sex Offender Blames 10-year-old Victim Because She ‘Initiated Sex’

blam victim pictureIn a desperate attempt to evade any responsibility, a Pennsylvania man, charged with rape, claimed his 10-year-old victim ‘initiated sex’ with him, according to a local newspaper. He denied all wrongdoing during a sentencing hearing this week.

Prosecutors alleged Merrell “Moe” Sanders repeatedly molested the girl over a 5-year-old time span.

Sanders pleaded no contest to two counts of rape, but continues to deny wrongdoing. Prosecutors says that over the course of the investigation, Sanders has “played games” with investigators.

Judge Daniel Wallace told Sanders that he will most likely serve all 20 years of his sentence, if he continues to deny wrongdoing.

Sander’s own attorney said, the case “can’t be much worse.”

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