Tucker Carlson Absolutely Trashes Media Coverage of Trump Speech: ‘Obedient, Like Shih Tzus Begging For a Snack’

Tucker Carlson absolutely went off on the media over coverage of Tuesday night’s Oval Office address by President Donald Trump.

As part of a fiery monologue on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the Fox News host accused the media of parroting Democratic talking points.

“If Democratic leaders saying it, reporters are saying it, too,” Carlson said. “No matter what it is. You often hear conservatives complain that our media are liberal. Well that’s giving them far too much credit. What they really are is obedient — like shih tzus begging for a snack.”

Carlson added, “They’re flunkies. Humorless little functionaries doing their sad little jobs.”

The Fox News host did not call anyone out by name. He did, however, play a montage of media figures saying that the president has manufactured the border crisis. Among those included in the montage of those using the word “manufacture” or some variation thereof; MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, Nicolle Wallace, and Steve Schmidt, as well as CNN contributors Joe Lockhart and Jen Psaki.

“They’re so dumb,” Carlson sneered. “They have no self-respect.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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