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Vice President Joe Biden is Taping an Episode of Law & Order: SVU Today

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 8.56.12 AMVice President Joe Biden is a funny character and now, he’ll be playing one! We’ve already reviewed how his unlikely millennial fan base has rocketed him to meme status with online adoration, but his upcoming appearance on the classic in the making, Law & Order: SVU, is about to certify him as Internet gold.

This appearance isn’t just to raise his star a little bit higher, though. Today, Biden is taping an episode about backlogged rape kits, according to CBS New York, which fits in with his chosen initiatives from the past few years. You’ll recall that he is a staunch advocate for sexual assault victims. Moreover, he’s even worked with SVU star Mariksa Hargitay on the rape kit issue in the past! If you watched his DNC speech this past week, you’ll know that Hargitay was the one who narrated the video that played beforehand. Clearly, this is the next logical step for two public figures determined to help victims of violence against women.

We don’t know when the episode will air, but we will let you know when we do. We can all watch together!

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