Your Moment Of Glenn: Beck Goes Bubbly Over Michael Bublé

Picture 5Anyone who greeted with skepticism the idea that Glenn Beck is positioning himself to be the next Oprah Winfrey for a newly politicized nation need only watch this week’s shows for further proof of the thesis. On both yesterday and today’s shows (and maybe the rest of this week?) Beck has been doing a sort of Beckian version of Oprah’s favorite things. On Monday Beck welcomed some of his favorite authors (and heavily promoted their books) and today Beck spent the entire hour (the entire hour) talking to singer Michael Bublé.

Beck and Bublé, who are apparently great fans of each other (bromance!), discussed such Oprah-esque topics as Bublé’s love life, his plans for children (or lack thereof), and whether “real” men cry. Actually, it was sort of a charming (if slightly weird) hour…no chalkboard! Glenn Beck is good at this. Really. Also, how many daytime-ish talk shows involve men talking to men, I think Beck may have found a niche…another one. Video below.

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