British Petition to Cancel Trump’s Official State Visit Exceeds One Million Signers

Trump Place Apartment Complex Will Change Name Following Online Petition

White House Responds to Petition Demanding Black Lives Matter Be Designated a Terror Group

Petition for Tomi Lahren to Be Removed From The Blaze Hits Its 15,000 Signature Goal

Over 2 Million People Have Signed Petition to UK Gov’t Demanding a Redo on Brexit Vote

The White House Issues Comment on Petition Calling for Trump’s Arrest

Petition Launches for NBC to ‘Un-Fire’ Trump From The Apprentice So He Drops Presidential Race

MADD Petitions to #FightAffluenza, Move Ethan Couch’s Case to Adult Court

British Gov’t Responds to Petition to Ban Trump: ‘Coming to the UK Is a Privilege…’

UK Petition to Keep Trump Out of the Country Has Enough Signatures to Get Gov’t Response

Huckabee Petitions: ‘Immediately Release Kim Davis From Federal Custody’

Julianne Moore Seeks to Rid Her High School of Confederate Name

There’s Now a Petition Demanding the White House Revoke Cosby’s Medal of Freedom

Reddit’s Ban of Offensive Subreddits Sparks Calls for Female CEO’s Resignation

Bill Maher Creates Petition to Make 4/20 a National Holiday

WH Petition Accusing GOPers Behind Iran Letter of Treason Has Over 200K Signatures

A Woman Named Isis Is Really Upset at the Media over That Other ISIS…

White House Uses Deport Bieber Petition to Push Immigration Reform

New White House Petition Demands the White House Actually Answer White House Petitions

Today Jay Carney Addressed Justin Bieber at the WH Press Briefing

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