Paul Manafort Found Guilty on Eight Counts, Including Felony Tax Fraud

Paul Manafort was found guilty on eight counts, including five counts of felony tax fraud, outlets reported Tuesday. The jury has reached a verdict in eight out of the 18 counts against Trump’s former campaign chairman, who now faces a maximum of 80 years in prison.

Manafort was found guilty on 5 tax fraud charges, one charge of hiding foreign bank accounts and two counts of bank fraud.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller‘s team of prosecutors made their closing arguments on Wednesday, accusing Manafort of “lies” and hiding his income from Ukraine to avoid paying taxes, and defrauding banks, per CNN. Manafort’s defense attorneys sought to cast the prosecution as politically motivated.

Manafort, who served as President Donald Trump‘s campaign chairman during the 2016 campaign, pleaded not guilty.

The decision comes after three months testimonies, including a dramatic showing by Manafort’s former right hand man Rick Gates, who plead guilty to crimes and was cooperating with Mueller’s team. In court, he admitted to having an affair. Manafort’s lawyer fired back by accusing him of multiple affairs.

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