Ana Navarro Implies Trump Has ‘Dementia’; Ben Ferguson: ‘You’re Better Than That!’

While some may lament the bitter political divide in which this country currently finds itself, this is a golden era for cable news fight fetishists.  And Mediaite is here to serve those insatiable urges.

Case in point? The latest pugilistic stars of CNN, Ben Ferguson and Ana Navarro, both of whom self-identify as members of the Republican party, though the former supports President Donald Trump and the latter, not so much.

At issue was Trump’s campaign-style rally in Phoenix last night in which he went on (and on…and on) about what he sees as the unfair treatment he receives from the media. It was equal parts full-throated and belabored and featured some unique moments like the crowd chanting “CNN Sucks!” and his odd comparison of how he is more “elite” than the media who covered him (among many others.)

After the speech, Navarro questioned the President’s mental state with the following tweet:

And so, that was the catalyst that ignited two of CNN’s more vocal debaters.

This is typically the portion of the post in which the writer cites specific moments and highlights of the clip above, courtesy of CNN, but why spoil it? Click back and get outrageously entertained (or entertainingly outraged.) Whatever suits your particularly fetish and/or fancy.

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