Bill O’Reilly On Tavis Smiley And Cornel West: I like Those Guys; They Hate Me, I Think

On Wednesday evening’s The Factor, Bill O’Reilly asked guest Bernie Goldberg if he’d seen “the brothers with me last night,” referring to his rather explosive interview with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West over corruption on Wall Street.

Goldberg and O’Reilly disagreed with the basic premise of West and Smiley’s argument, opining that “dysfunction” (in the form of, say, substance abuse or being born into single-parent households) does more create poverty than do decisions made on Wall Street.

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As the segment wrapped up, O’Reilly shared that he actually really enjoyed speaking with Smiley and West:

But you know what? Know what, I like those guys. I don’t know why I like ’em; they hate me, I think. But I like them. I like the debate, I like the whole back-and-forth. I think that was a very illuminating segment.

Watch the segment, via Fox News:

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