CNN Town Hall Questioner Challenges Nancy Pelosi: Shouldn’t There Be Proof of Russia Collusion by Now?

The first participant at CNN’s Town Hall with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi opened with a direct question: where’s the evidence of Russian collusion?

“If Trump actually colluded with the Russians, why isn’t he found guilty of it after a year of investigation?” Joshua Gonzalez, a law student at Georgetown University, asked the Democrat. “Wouldn’t there be some kind of concrete proof by now?”

“Well you know there is an investigation going on under counsel [Robert] Mueller,” Pelosi replied. “And that is where — we wouldn’t have any idea what is going on in that, and nor should we know what’s going on in that investigation.”

“But it takes time, and I trust counsel Mueller and his work,” she added.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo, hosting the town hall, asked if Pelosi thought Mueller should release his findings before the midterm elections so that voters could make their decisions based on the investigation.

Pelosi said Mueller should proceed with the investigation in the way he thinks best. She pointed to the indictments that have already come from the Russia investigation, and stressed the importance of Americans feeling like their vote counts and is not “distorted by a foreign power.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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