CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin: Trump May Have Fired Bharara For Pursuing ‘Troublesome’ Investigations

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin examined the firing of US attorney Preet Bharara on Saturday night, and he offered speculation about why President Trump took personal interest in relieving him of his position.

Bharara was dismissed from his job when he refused to abdicate his position after Attorney General Jeff Sessions asked for the resignations of 46 US attorneys held over from the Obama administration. This has surprised various figures in political and media circles since Trump allegedly told Bharara back in November that he wanted the attorney to keep his job.

During his analysis, Toobin noted that Bharara’s position made him privy to numerous political developments and investigations pertaining to Trump, including the president’s connection to Russia. Toobin also noted that Bharara no longer has access to new information about Trump that he might’ve disclosed if he were not newly cut off from the Justice Department.

“The question arises,” Toobin said, “Is there something either that the Trump administration doesn’t want Preet Bharara to pursue, or are there things he knows that he might disclose later that could be troublesome for the Trump administration.”

Toobin also echoed Don Lemon‘s sentiments from Friday night, saying that the Trump administration’s decision might’ve been their way of taking advice from Fox’s Sean Hannity about expelling bureaucratic “saboteurs” from the government.

Watch above, via CNN.

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