CNN’s Phil Mudd Slams Hillary Over Comments About Election Legitimacy: ‘It’s Excuse After Excuse’


Phillip Mudd has had enough of Hillary Clinton‘s blame game, and it seems like he’s drawing the line with her latest comments questioning the integrity of the 2016 election.

The former counterterrorism official was on CNN tonight for a discussion about the interview Clinton did where she spoke of possibly disputing the election results if more information comes to light on Russia’s interference. While Jeffrey Toobin argued Clinton probably doesn’t seriously mean to challenge the results after all this time, Mudd did not approve of Clinton continuing to relitigate the election.

“I am so tired of this,” Mudd said. “She keeps telling us she takes responsibility, then it’s Jim Comey and then it’s Russians and then it’s Bernie Sanders and now maybe if there’s more information about how the Russians were involved when she lost to the worst candidate in history, she’s going to go back and relitigate this.”

Mudd continued to say Clinton should either find an issue to stand for or get off the political stage. When Toobin questioned whether its time to completely stop talking about the election, Mudd retorted, “It’s excuse after excuse, enough already.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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