Tomi Lahren: If Trump Signs Border Compromise ‘He Loses in 2020’

As Congress prepares to send a compromise bill to the White House to avoid another government shutdown, Fox Nation personality Tomi Lahren is predicting that if Trump signs the measure, “he loses in 2020.”

When the agreement in principle was first reported, Fox News host Sean Hannity slammed it as a “garbage compromise,” but later softened a bit by saying he wouldn’t be “concerned” if Trump ends up signing it.

Lahren, who is a bellwether of Trump’s anti-immigrant base, sees things a bit differently. On Wednesday morning, she predicted Trump’s defeat if he signs the bill, and teased some tough talk on the subject:

But Lahren never got the chance to not sugar coat it, because her entire Fox & Friends segment was devoted to Gov. Gavin Newsom’s (D-CA) rebuke of Trump’s border policies. The Curvy Couch crew has tried to wax hopeful about the compromise bill.

While the Hannity wing of Trump’s base may be coming around to the cold reality of the shutdown compromise, people like Lahren and Ann Coulter continue to sound the alarm that any deviation from the promises he made on the campaign trail will cost him dearly.

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