Fox’s Brian Kilmeade On Sen. Claire McCaskill: “That Voice Goes Right Through Me”

At least one of the gang at Fox & Friends wasn’t so friendly to Sen. Claire McCaskill this morning, as co-host Brian Kilmeade made it clear he just can’t stand listening to the voice of the Democrat from Missouri.

McCaskill, who spoke witheringly about Republican criticisms of earmarks in the legislation, had part of her remarks played on F&F Friday morning, and the short clip was more than enough to apparently give Kilmeade the fingernails-on-the-chalkboard willies:

“That voice goes right through me, I don’t know about you. Chris Wallace’s voice is soothing and I need to speak to him right now.”

Kilmeade got no support in his McCaskill’s-voice-is-intolerable comment from co-hosts Steve Doocy or Gretchen Carlson, nor, for that matter, from the apparently velvet-voiced Chris Wallace.

McCaskill, in her defense, was being exceptionally sarcastic in her Senate comments, calling complaints from Republicans over earmarks hypocritical:

There are almost 700 million dollars of earmarks in there from people who voted on a moratorium on earmarks. That’s like being half pregnant.

Watch it for yourself here, from Fox News:


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